Create and send a custom quote in seconds by selecting a client and product or service. Increase your bottom line by getting auto approval via email, follow up pending quotes, auto convert all quotes to Orders or Projects upon approval.

  • Prepare quotes instantly with product attributes.
  • Auto email prepared quotes to clients.
  • Built-in approval system for clients to select and approve selected items from a quote.


One place for all orders, view status of every order, send messages, assign to employees, upload assets, internal comments and more

  • Auto convert approved quotes into orders.
  • Add multiple items per order & assign to staff members.
  • Email artwork for approval for each item within the order.
  • Ability to view & approve artwork; view email link or client portal.
  • Approved order or item(s) moves to the next step in the production workflow.
  • An activity stream documents all changes to the order.
  • Notify clients via auto notification as the order moves through the production workflow.
  • $ – Know if the order has been paid before proceeding to production.
  • View invoice and collect payment via Stripe.


Simple, easy to understand table dashboard. The user can create new projects, set a budget, milestone payments, generate custom boards, create a team, communicate with the team, upload files related to the project and much more.

  • Create an unlimited number of projects with teams and customizable boards.
  • Keep Track of progress with an integrated progress bar.
  • Assign teams and communicate through the built-in chat room.
  • Attach files directly from multiple sources including Dropbox, GDrive, or Desktop


A single CRM that can be used by a customer success rep, collector, and a production specialist at the same time. It’s not just to collect contact information but also to view old quotes, orders or current project, even can re-order any previous orders with a click of a button.


  • Syrreo allows for an unlimited number of products and attributes for each product. Setting up products is as easy as ordering online –
  • Start by Entering Product Name, Then layout the product attributes, for example
    • Product Hat:
    • Size: S / M / L
    • Color: Red / White / Blue / Green
    • Price Small: $10
    • Price Med: $15
    • Price Large: $20
    • Freight Charges: $__(Enter amount)


Employee module is a work in progress. Currently, this module allows each employee to sign-in within their portal and view their dashboard. Different permissions can give or restrict access to various modules within the app.Our goal is to make this into an HR Module with features like clock-in & clock-out, request time off, calculate aide hours, show the provided benefits and much more. All in time!


Syrreo Task is a little different. We allow the user to create task; however, those tasks can be assigned to any pending Orders or Projects. Also, all tasks can be assigned to any staff member or team.

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