About Syrreo

Syrreo is a web-based workflow and a business management application designed for a fast-paced business setting in any industry. The application facilitates communication between management, employees, and clients.
One cloud-based application to create quotes, (if approved), auto convert to orders, projects or direct invoices. The ability to get real-time status updates on any orders or project from anywhere in the world.

How can Syrreo help your business

We offer many of the tools necessary to efficiently manage a growing business. Whether you need to provide a quote or create a last-minute task, we’ve got you covered so you can focus on the real work. Our dashboard also provides a detailed summary of all the logistical aspects of any project from beginning to end.

We’ve created a system with a minimal learning curve that anyone can pick-up and feel proficient at it within a week. Syrreo offers product database, quotes, orders, projects, tasks, CRM, invoicing, collecting, reorders all from a single application.

Why choose Syrreo

Here at Syrreo you will be taken care of and treated like family. All of our packages come with support so you will not be left stranded with technical issues. We also know the value of keeping your business running so we perform regular backups of your data to keep it protected from corruption or mishap.


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